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Homeopathy is a complete system of treatment that aids the body’s own ability to heal itself .it will assist your body’s own resources to fight off illness.

I Believe Homeopathy is a gift to humanity, to be used, shared, promoted, and taught where ever possible. Homeopathy is a complete system of treatment that aids the body’s own ability to heal itself. It will assist your body’s own resources to fight off illness.

My penchant for homeopathy started when my dad got diagnosed as a Diabetes patient at the young age of twenty-five years. I was a bit worried and started planning how to help my dad get rid of this ailment. Although he was managing it through allopathy medicines as advised by his doctor but yet the side effects of the medicines kept disturbing his health and he was suffering a lot. I did put in my best efforts to bring him out of it but I was unable to get the desired results that disturbed his family life as well.

In the meantime, I completed my grade twelve and took admission to medical school, and during that my mother also had hepatitis B and at that time there was no cure available for such a critical disease. Initially, it was my dad and then my mother both tempted me to take my homeopathy profession seriously and with the help of homeopathy teachers and senior consultants I started treating them with homeopathic remedies and that resulted in positive impacts on their health and my mother’s hepatitis B turned negative. That was the turning point of my carrier and I decided to adopt it as my passion to help the incurable diseases in allopathy.

During the course of my studies, I met with a lot of my relatives, friends, and colleagues who were having symptoms and I helped them to recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also helps to treat immensely, issues like mental stress, anxiety, and tensions. Often people get disappointed and approach professional homeopaths to resolve such worries to make their health life easy and comfortable.

My philosophy is that every person is unique and individual and should be treated in this way. My passion to serve humanity opened my path towards homeopathy. After finishing my bachelor's degree I got admission to homeopathic medical college finished my DHMS in 1999 with distinction by topping in medical college. I was lucky to serve in Bosch homeopathy laboratories, the noblest name in homeopathy Pakistan.

As a pharmacist for 5 years and meanwhile I was practiced as a homeopathic physician. I successfully treated many cases like hypothyroid, viral infections in kids and adults, pollen allergy female disorders, PMS, high and low blood pressure, weight loss, and many more.

I am also a member of the national council of homeopathy Pakistan. Then after moving to Canada I started to practice here.

 I am one of the board of directors of the Canadian society of homeopaths. also a member of the Canadian society of homeopaths and a member of the west coast homeopathic society

My practice involves treating:

Babies, children, and adults both female and male.

We offer online consultation via Skype, by email, and over the phone.

I love my work and take a warm, friendly and practical approach. I enjoy getting to know my patients and working with them towards improving their health and vitality, offering a real alternative to or support offering support for their conventional treatment.